1. What is the turn around time (TAT) on orders? 

Our hand made patches are MADE TO ORDER. Please ensure you place your order plenty of time in advance as our TAT does NOT include shipping time. We ship through USPS.

*All our TAT's are estimated and may change based on demand. 

Our current TAT's are as follows:

  • TAT for orders of 20+ FRAYED patches is around 15-20 business days.
  • TAT for orders of 20+ PARTIALLY FRAYED patches is 14-16 business days. (depending on number of frayed patches needed).
  • TAT for orders of 20+ NONFRAYED patches is 10-12 business days.
  • TAT for orders of 1-19 patches (frayed or unfrayed) is 8-12 business days.

***Orders of over 150 patches may be subject to a longer TAT.***

Our TAT's do NOT include shipping time which we, unfortunately, have no control over once your order is placed in the mail. We will, however, do our absolute best to ensure you get your patches in a timely manner!

We understand our TAT may be slightly longer than what you're used to, but we promise a quality, hand-made product made with love and care you won't find anywhere else! 


2. Can I order unfrayed patches? 

YES! Whether you like the 'unfrayed' look or just prefer to fray them yourself for a quicker TAT, unfrayed patches are an option with a great discount of 40% off your ENTIRE order (Use code NONFRAY20 for orders of 20 or more! We uploaded a video under the 'Announcements' section of our private Facebook Page, Key's Custom Creations Hat Patches, that shows techniques on how we fray our patches. 

3. How do I apply the patches?

Check out our tutorial on YouTube! Click Here to Watch!
Gluing is the fastest and easiest way to apply KCC patches. We personally recommend using E6000 or Aleene's Quick Dry Fabric Fusion for great results. 
You can also sew, use a hat heat press, or apply other heat adhesives to the patches for alternative adhesion methods.
Ultimately, the choice is yours!

4. How much are KCC patches? 
Although we mostly wholesale our patches for our customers to get the best deals, we also allow smaller ordered for personal use as well. We have a tiered pricing scale which is as follows: 

1-19 patches: 
  • $4.00 each for square patches
  • $4.75 each for circle patches
20+ patches: 

  • With code NONFRAY20 you will receive a 40% discount on your entire order of 20+ nonfrayed patches
  • With code PARTIAL20 you will receive a 32% discount on your partially frayed patches. ***You will need to specify in the comments which patch designs or shapes you'd like frayed or unfrayed***
  • With code FRAY20 you will receive a 25% discount on your entire order of 20+ frayed patches.
We are now offering "Flannel Size" patches which are much larger than our traditional patch sizes and accommodate those businesses that would like to place them on the backs of flannels or other larger applications. As of right now, these orders MUST be made through our email: keyscustomcreations@gmail.com as there is not presently an option to do it from our website. Pricing for flannel size patches are as follows:
Full Color: $12 each
Partial Color: $10 each
Black and White: $8 each
***Flannel patches are not subject to our original patch discounts***

5. Where do people get their hats?

We do not offer or provide hats or any other product to put patches on. There are buy in groups on Facebook you can join. 

You can also get hats from Jiffy.com, Etsy, Ebay, Walmart, Amazon, and other people from this group.

6. What can I put patches on?

The possibilities are ENDLESS! Hats are currently the most popular use for our patches however patches can be placed on clothing, jackets, dog bandanas, backpacks, winter beanies, baby beanies, kid hats, and so much more! 

7. What are the patches made out of?

We use 100% polyester material. We press sublimation ink onto the polyester fabric, cut out, and hand fray every single patch. 
Please notecolor on a phone or computer screen will vary slightly from the printed finished product as it prints on a textured, off-white fabric. If you have any concerns about color quality, please let us know and we will do everything we can do get the exact color you're looking for. 

8. When will I know when my package ships?

As soon as we ship your package, you will recieve an automated message with your tracking information. 
9. Do you make custom designs? 
ABSOLUTELY! Whether you have a personal business logo, want to personalize a patch with a name, or just have a cute design idea in mind, we will work with you to create the perfect patch that meets all your needs! Just send us an email about your custom order to keyscustomcreations@gmail.com. 
Custom designs created by KCC are a one time charge of $5 per design and will be yours to use for as many future patch orders as your heart desires! 
Logos or personally created designs can be uploaded to our website to order at NO extra charge! Just email us the image and we'll get your custom link set up! 
* Please notecolor on a phone or computer screen will vary slightly from the printed finished product as it prints on an off-white fabric. If you have any concerns about color quality, please let us know and we will do everything we can do get the exact color you're looking for. 
10. If I need a specific design you don't already have, can I use a design from another website? 
We LOVE adding new designs to our inventory for our amazing customers and making things as customizable as possible for your businesses, however, if a design is desired that's not already in our inventory we require A minimum purchase of 5 patches in that design OR the price of the new design. We appreciate your understanding on this matter and want to ensure our low prices stay as low as possible! 
11. Can I get bigger patches than your regular hat patches? 

YES! We now make larger "Flannel size" patches! These amazing patches are created to fit larger applications such as the back of a flannel shirt, denim jacket, weekender bag, or anything else you can dream up! 

Application is the same as regular size patches, you'll obviously just need a bit more glue! 

Pricing is as follows: 

FULL COLOR: $12 each 

PARTIAL COLOR: $10 each 

BLACK: $8 each 


Currently we don't offer these sizes on our website so please email us at keyscustomcreations@gmail.com with screenshots of the designs you want and we'll create a custom invoice for you! 

12. How do I care for my KCC patches? 
We recommend hand washing or spot cleaning for best results. 
If you prefer to use a washer/dryer: machine wash COLD on a DELICATE cycle and tumble dry LOW or air dry.
If applied into a garment, turn inside-out before placing in washer. 
**Once you choose your preferred adhesion method, follow care instructions for that specific product to ensure the maximum life of your product.
**If you use our suggestions for glue, (e6000 or Aleene's Quick Dry Fabric Fusion), PLEASE follow drying instructions on the product itself.
13. How much is shipping?
Shipping is only $5 per order! 
14. Can we return orders?
All our patches are made to order, so for that reason we do not accept returns of any kind. We strive for the utmost care and quality of every single patch we make but if you are dissatisfied with a patch for any reason, you will recieve store credit or you can email us and we can come up with a solution on a case by case basis. Thank you for understanding! 
15. Can we add patches to our existing orders?

If you need to add patches to an existing order, we only allow additions to be made up to 24 hours after placing your order. Email us at keyscustomcreations@gmail.com to add patches within 24 hours of your order.

Any additional patches needed after the initial 24 hour period will need to be placed in a NEW order. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however, it is a necessary policy in order to keep order errors low and overall speed of production as quick as possible. Thank you for your understanding.